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Exclusives - 1st generation audience recordings not available anywhere!

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Until now, my concert collection was purchased through a certain notorious Australian import dealer whose cds all consisted of 2-3 second gaps between each song, which tended to make the concerts a bit annoying to listen to.  I am pleased to announce that my entire concert collection has been purchased once again...all master cds!  No concerts of mine have the gaps!
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My Collection consists of: 755+ Live Shows and a total of  967 Elvis Live Import Albums (Soundboard and Audience Recordings) and 644 Rare Studio / Live Compilation / Radio Broadcasts with or about the King!!!!!!!

** Quality of these Elvis Imports Range from Soundboard (Straight from the Mixing Board), Excellent Audience Recording (Stereo sound or close to stereo sound, and all is perfectly clear), Very Good Audience Recording (Almost Stereo sound, and every word is clearly understood), Good Audience Recording (Sound is not as clear, but every word is understood), Bad Quality Audience Recording (Music is identifiable, but words are not clearly understood), and Poor Quality (See Wichita 12/27/76 for an example, no clarity on speech or music).**
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Hello Fellow Collectors!
As you can see, I finally re-organized the site after many months of procrastinating.  All Concerts have been put in their respective years, and also includes most of the many alternate titles the same shows can be found on.  Also, all of the studio imports, radio/ interview discs, and remix albums have also been correctly put into the lists.  I also changed and the font size and color making it much easier on the eyes to read.  After several hours of hard work, I hope everybody finds this new layout much easier to follow.