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Exclusives - 1st generation audience recordings not available anywhere!

Exclusives | Compilations and Studio Outtakes | Soundboard Recordings | Elvis Import DVD's (RARE FOOTAGE) | 1955 - 1968 | 1970 | 1972 | 1973 | 1974 | 1975 | 1976 | 1977 | 1971 | 1969 | Updates
1955 - 1968

1950's - 1961

03-----55  Elvis, Scotty & Bill - The First Years (Cook's Club In Houston, TX)
03-19-55 Elvis Raw
03-19-55 Eagles Hall - Houston, TX
03-19-55 Vintage 55 (This is a very rare cd, rumors are that only 100 copies exist. It contains songs from the show and a very rare interview with Scotty Moore and he tells of his first meeting with Elvis.)
06-05-55 The Historic Collection Vol. 1
08-20-55 Robinson Memorial (The title is confusing, but the 1st half of the cd is Elvis in Little Rock 1956, except for the Little Rock show is completely remastered with new music with Elvis's voice. this has been done on other imports as well. Then we get the Louisiana Hayride show from August 1955 which shows a very excited and nervous Elvis preparing to embark on a week long tour in Texas. Then he rocks out on 6 or 7 songs.)
11-----55 The Historic Collection Vol. 3
ELVIS The Hayride Shows 1955-1956 (3 CD)
ELVIS 1955 – 1956 Louisiana Hayride – Elvis Broadcasts On Air
ELVIS Live Hayride
??-??-56  Elvis Presley Live (New music backing Elvis' Live Vocals)
05-06-56 Live In The 50's (2 CD) (This cd includes performances in Las Vegas, Houston, and the Milton Berle and Dorsey Show apperances.)
05-16-56 Elvis Rocks Little Rock
05-16-56 Ray Greene Interviews Elvis
09-26-56 A.S. An Afternoon Show In Tupelo/ Live In The 50's Vol. 1 CD 1
09-26-56 E.S. An Evening Show In Tupelo/ Live In The 50's Vol. 1 CD 2
09-28-56 Mississippi/Alabama Fair & Dairy Show (Elvis at the top of his career sings 16 songs at this show. Good quality for its time as well.)
03-25-61 Pearl Harbor Show 1961 (The sound quality isn't that good, but you get to hear rare live versions of A fool such as I, Such a night, Reconsider baby, I need your love tonight, Are you lonesome tonight, It's now or never, & Swing down, sweet Chariot)  

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