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Exclusives - 1st generation audience recordings not available anywhere!

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02-12-77 Hot Time In Miami/ Unchained In Hollywood (Good Audience Recording) (This concert can be seen on the vcd Live In Hollywood, Fl 1977. Despite how bad Elvis looks at this show, the show isn’t bad at all. His voice is very strong and powerful, and he doesn’t sound as tired as the rest of the year. Highlights are My Boy (one line only), My Way, Funny How Time Slips Away, and Unchained Melody )

02-13-77 Arrival Of The King (Good Audience Recording)/ Coming On Strong

(Soundboard Recording)(West Palm Beach, FL) (One of the smallest venues for Elvis as

the crowd was maximized to 5981 in size. Not really that good of a show. Mostly oldies with no showstoppers.)

02-14-77 Cajun Tornado (CD 2) (Soundboard Recording)/ The Concert Years Vol. 72

St. Petersburg, FL (Good Audience Recording) (Highlights are My Way, Blueberry Hill, It's

Now or Never, and Love Letters After the show, Elvis and the gang spend four hours at Disneyworld. The Bill comes to around $60 000.)

02-15-77 Orlando '77 (Good Audience Recording)/ Going Back In Time (Excellent Audience Recording) (Good show. Highlights are You Gave Me A Mountain, It`s Now Or Never, Big Boss Man, My Way (with reprise), and Hurt.This show can be seen on the vcd Live In Hollywood, FL 1977.)

02-16-77 Elvis In Montgomery (complete show) (Good Audience Recording) / Coming

On Strong (Soundboard Recording) (Good show. After You Gave Me A Mountain, Elvis tells the audience "Thank you for that mediocre response, Thank you." and then he turns to Charlie and says "Hey, I just calls it hows it sees it." You can see this on the video. For the only time, E sings Where No One Stands Alone, and a great Polk Salad Annie, and Unchained Melody.)

02-17-77 Savanna 77 (Good Audience Recording) (Good Show. A very good version of Unchained Melody, and also does one of the last "reprised" versions of Hurt.)

02-18-77 Release Me (Columbia, SC) (Good Audience Recording) / Columbia Duty

(Very Good Audience Recording) (Pretty good show. The only rarity is Release Me.)

02-19-77 Tennessee Starlight (Excellent Audience Recording)

02-19-77 The Concert Years Vol. 54 (Johnson City, TN) (Good Audience Recording) (Highlights are Jailhouse Rock, Little Sister, My Way, and Polk Salad Annie. Elvis flies in the Alden Family to keep Ginger happy. He puts on a good show for Ginger’s Parents)

02-20-77 The King Still Reigns (Charlotte, NC) (Good Audience Recording) (During the show during the intros, Elvis calls up Gingers' sister, Terry, to perform some classical music at the piano much to her embarrassment, to which the crowd does not like at all. Highlights are Fairytale, How Great Thou Art, and an attempt at Moody Blue. Elvis attempts Moody Blue for the 1st time unsuccessfully. Unable to reach the high notes, Elvis tears up the lyric sheet in a combination of bravado and helpless rage.)

02-21-77 Moody Blue and Other Great Performances (Soundboard Recording)

(Charlotte, NC)/ Riot In Charlotte (Very Good Audience Recording) (Good Show. E

sings Moody Blue for the only time and Reconsider Baby and Love Letters for the last time. Also sings Release Me.)

03-23-77 Tour Opening In Tempe, Arizona (Very Good Audience Recording) (Good Show. Elvis just returned from Hawaii. Does a great version of How Great Thou Art. Other highlights are My Way, Little Sister, and Fever. Elvis whispers to his cousin, just before stepping out on stage "You didn't think I'd make it, did you?" then puts on "A hell of a show" according to Billy Smith.)

03-25-77 The Norman Conquest (Norman, OK) (Good Audience Recording) (Highlights are Funny How Time Slips Away, My Way, Fever, and Hurt.)

03-26-77 2nd Night In Norman '77 (Bad Audience Recording) (Good show in bad quality. Highlights are Help Me, You Gave Me A Mountain, It`s Now Or Never, That`s All Right, and Blue Christmas.)

03-27-77 King Time In Abeline (Good Audience Recording) (Elvis sings Lawdy Miss Clawdy for the last time)

03-28-77 Elvis Slips Into Austin (Excellent Audience Recording) (Very good show with a great crowd. Sings Steamroller Blues for the last time. Other highlights That`s All Right, and Help Me. Cd also contains 2 bonus tracks from Norman, OK)

03-29-77 The Event (Alexandria, LA) (Good Audience Recording) (Sings Rock My Soul/Bosom of Abraham for the last time and a good version of How Great Thou Art.)

03-30-77 By Special Request! -From Louisianna To Tennessee (Alexandria, LA) (Soundboard Recording)/Elvis Rocks Alex (Soundboard Recording) (E seems to be in a good mood, which was also hard to find in his '77 touring. This also happens to be the last concert of Elvis' final Spring Tour making it essential to any fan's collection. Elvis sings Fever for the last time. Tonight, he also changes the lyrics of "Can’t Help Falling in Love" to "Wise men know/When it’s time to go….")

04-21-77 Getting Down In Greensboro (Very Good Audience Recording) (Highlights from this show are My Way, Hurt, and Little Darlin`. Ginger accompanies Elvis on his tour, and Elvis is determined to keep her with him for the entire 2 week Duration.)

04-22-77 Live In Detroit/ The King Has Landed (Very Good Audience Recording) (Highlights are That`s All Right, Blue Christmas, My Way, and Hurt (with reprise). Elvis actually has an uncontrollable fit of the "giggles" at this show and it doesn't die down until after it had turned into hysterical laughter.)

04-23-77 Goodbye Memphis (CD 2) (Soundboard Recording) (Toledo, OH)/ My Reason

For Living (complete show)(Excellent Audience Recording)/ Crowd's Going High 1977 (Good Audience Recording) (Elvis gives really good versions of My Way, It's Now or Never, and And I Love You So)

04-24-77 A Profile-The King On Stage Vol. 1 (CD 4) (Soundboard Recording) (Ann

Arbor, MI) / Fans To Fans (Complete show) (Very Good Audience Recording) (By far

and wide, the BEST show of 1977. E is aware that RCA is recording the show for Moody Blue, and so he is on his best behavior, and from the concert the album had Unchained Melody, If You Love Me, Let Me Know, and Little Darlin’. Elvis is in great mood and spirits for this show, and even sings one line of Blue Hawaii. Unfortunately, you can only get the complete show from the audience recording, as only a few songs were recorded on soundboard. The remainer of the "Profile" disc is from 2/13/77.)

04/24-26/77 Shakin' Up The Great Lakes (Soundboard Recordings) new Fort Baxter Reissue.

04-25-77 Greetings In Saginaw (Good Audience Recording) (Good show. My Way from this show was used on the Platinum boxset. Also good versions of Hurt and Hawaiian Wedding Song.)

04-26-77 Memories From Kalamazoo (Soundboard Recording) / Complete Kalamazoo (Very Good Audience Recording) (Highlights are And I Love You So, Fairytale, and My Way.)

04-27-77 And I Love You So (Very Good Audience Recording) (This concert is from a newly found source and it is in much better quality than the previous release Walk With Me In Milwaukee.)

04-27-77 Walk With Me In Milwaukee (Good Audience Recording) (Highlights are If You Love Me, Little Sister, My Way, and Polk Salad Annie.)

04-28-77 Greenbay (Very Good Audience Recording) / Sundial Sunshine(Good Audience Recording)/ I Did It My Way (Very Good Audience Recording) (Elvis complains of hurting his foot the night before. Highlights include It's Now or Never, Delta Lady, Hawaiian Wedding Song.)

04-29-77 A Day In Duluth '77 (Good Audience Recording)/ The Old Magic Lingers On (Very Good Audience Recording) (Good Show. Sings a rare Bridge Over Troubled Water used on the FTD Spring Tours 77 cd.)

04-30-77 Rip It Up (St. Paul, MN) (Very Good Audience Recording)/ St. Paul (Good Audience Recording) (Elvis sings Rip It Up and The Wonder of You at this show.)

05-01-77 Windswept Chicago Vol. 1 (Excellent Audience Recording) (This is the 1st 77 chicago show in much better quality than previous releases. A very good show too.)

05-01-77 Rockin' Chicago (Good Audience Recording) (Good show. Highlights are Fairytale, You Gave Me A Mountain, It`s Now Or Never, Trying To Get To You, and And I Love You So. This show can be seen on the vcd Rockin’ Chicago.)

05-02-77 Rockin Chicago Again (Very Good Audience Recording) (Highlights are Fairytale, Little Sister, and My Way. This show can be seen on the vcd Rockin’ Chicago. Elvis is today issued with a law suit from Mike McMahon for $150,000.00.)

05-03-77 Springtime In Saginaw/ I'm Here, Healthy, Happy, and Singing (Very Good Audience Recording) (Good show. Opens with That’s Allright Mama and goes into Trouble. Elvis also sings Tigerman for the last time.)

05-20-77 Live In Knoxville (Good Audience Recording) / The Concert Years Vol. 87 (Good Audience Recording) (Highlights are How Great Thou Art, Hurt, and Hound Dog.)

05-21-77 All Right In Louisville (Very Good Audience Recording)/ Louisville '77

unedited (Very Good Audience Recording) (Elvis is passed out cold prior to tonight’s show. "Eyes closed, jaw slack, Elvis looked helpless, as if he were in a coma," Larry Geller wrote in his memoirs. Dr. Nick is attempting to revive Elvis with ice water when the Colonel comes barging into the suite. He goes on to have private words with Dr. Nick. On his way out, he turns to Larry shaking his cane and says, "The only thing that’s important is that he’s on that stage tonight. Nothing else matters!" Highlights of the show are That`s All Right, My Way, Hearbreak Hotel, and Hurt.)

05-22-77 …Tonight, 8:30PM (Largo, MD) (Good Audience Recording) (In Landover (source - Careless Love), Elvis leaves the stage for "nature’s call," tosses two microphones on the floor, and, according to a Washington Star reviewer, "just refused to turn it on." He does sing a rarely sung Funny How Time Slips Away early in the show.)

05-23-77 Live In Providence, RI (Very Good Audience Recording) (You can see this show on the vcd Elvis 77 – The May Tour. Great vocals on this show. Sings a fantastic version of My Way and gets a standing ovation for it. Other highlights are Jailhouse Rock, Little Sister, and Hurt.)

05-24-77 I've Never Been To Maine (Good Audience Recording) (This show can be seen on the vcd The 1977 Tours Vol. 1 and on part of the vcd Mobile 77. Elvis brings Felton Jarvis on stage during If You Love Me Let Me Know. Other highlights are You Gave Me A Mountain, Heartbreak Hotel, and Hurt.)

05-25-77 Jailhouse Rock Man In Concert (Rochester, NY) (Very Good Audience Recording) (Pretty good, but average show. You can see this show on the vcd Elvis 77 – The May Tour and on the vcd The Unauthorized Biography.)

05-26-77 Unchained Elvis (Binghampton) (Excellent Audience Recording)/ Why Me Lord? (Very Good Audience Recording) (Great show! Elvis sounds like himself from 1974 and the audience is great. Bonus tracks include Unchained Melody, Heartbreak Hotel, and Bridge Over Troubled Water from the next night from a better source than the bootleg concert)

05-27-77 Second Night In Binghampton (Excellent Audience Recording) (Great show! Video is on the wrongly named vcd "Mobile ‘77". E Sings Bridge Over Troubled Water, Unchained Melody, and several other great versions of songs. You can see this show on the vcd’s Elvis 77 – The May Tour and 2nd Night in Binghampton.)

05-28-77 Philadelphia '77 (Good Audience Recording) (You can see this show on the vcd Elvis 77 – The May Tour. Elvis can’t remember his lyrics and appears to stagger onstage. He actually receives boos from the crowd, and when he begins singing "I Can Help," someone in the arena hollers out, "You need help!". This is a very short show. At one point, E stops the show to have J.D. and the Stamps sing Walk That Lonesome Road.)

77-05-28 Looking For The Light In Philadelphia, PA (Good Audience Recording - complete show)

05-29-77 Walk Out In Baltimore/ Send Me The Light…I Need It Bad (Very Good

Audience Recording)/ May Day In Baltimore (2 CD) (Very Good Audience Recording)

(E leaves the stage for about 25 minutes, and leaves the singing to Kathy and Sherrill, and lets the Stamps do the introductions. When he returns, he does about 12 songs (some are requests) completely fired up. Sings an amazing Unchained Melody, and a great Help Me.)

05-30-77 Live In Jacksonville (Excellent Audience Recording) (Sings I Really Don’t Want To Know for the 1st time. Other highlights are Jailhouse Rock, My Way, and Hurt.)

05-31-77 Live In Baton Rouge, LA (Bad Audience Recording) (Highlights of this show are You Gave Me A Mountain, Jailhouse Rock, and I Really Don`t Want To Know.)

06-01-77 Macon, GA (Bad Audience Recording) (Highlights are Fairytale, You Gave Me A Mountain, O Sole Mio - It`s Now Or Never, My Way, and Big Boss Man.)

06-02-77 Live in Mobile, AL / As Time Goes By (Good Audience Recording) (Great show! Elvis sings American Trilogy and Polk Salad Annie for the last time. The ending on Polk Salad is very wild and it goes longer than 2:25.)

06-18-77 Kansas City (Good Audience Recording)/ Last Night In Spades (Good Audience Recording) (Kind of a "Down" show. Elvis sings Blue Christmas for the last time. "In spite of what you may hear or you may read, we’re here, and we’re healthy, and we’re doing what we enjoy doing," he announces to the crowd. You can see this show on the vcd’s Touring The Nation and The Final Tour.)

06-19-77 As I Leave You/ Candid Elvis On Camera (Soundboard Recording) (As we all know, this is a horrible show. I would put this the #3 worst show ever (1st being Houston '76 from sources, and 2nd being the San Antonio '76 show). Compared to the night before or after, it seems almost as if it's an impersonator because of how "out of it" he is on the show. Elvis does try to speak of a lot of interesting dialogue, but the words are so slurred at times, that there is no way anybody in the auditorium could have understood what he was saying. In this show, while singing Are You Lonesome Tonight? Elvis does the "gay act" with Charlie. I think that they told him not to do that on the other show and thats why we have one of the only Are You Lonesome Tonight versions '75 and up without Charlie there in Rapid City. As bad as the show is overall, Elvis still manages to do a phenomenal version of How Great Thou Art, and a very good version of Hurt where Elvis actually hits the Very high note at the end, rather than the standard lazy '77 version. Each night after this one, he hits the high note everytime. The video can be seen on the vcd Elvis In Concert and in it’s entirety on the vcd Omaha ’77)

06-20-77 Elvis Rocks In Lincoln (Good Audience Recording) (Elvis sings Help Me for the last time and a great Unchained Melody.)

06-21-77 Elvis Rocks Rapid City/ Lord Let Me Go Home (Soundboard Recording) (Excellent show. Sings Trying To Get To You for the last time. The video can be seen on the vcd Elvis In Concert and in it’s entirety on the vcd Rapid City Concert Outtakes.)

06-23-77 Elvis Rocks In Des Moines (Bad Audience Recording) (Good show. Ronnie Tutt had to be replaced by the Inspiration’s druumer due to a crisis. Last version of How Great thou Art and a fantastic Hurt.)

06-24-77 One Night (Madison, WI) (Good Audience Recording) (Sings One Night for the last time. Good show. You can see this show on the vcd Touring The Nation.)

06-24-77 For One Night Only (2 CD) (Good Audience Recording) (Complete show including warm-up acts)

06-25-77 Since Cincinatti '77(Excellent Audience Recording)/Riverfront Stadium **Better Quality)(Excellent Audience Recording) (Elvis sings If You Love Me Let Me Know, And I Love You So, My Way, and Unchained Melody for the last time. You can see this show on the vcd Touring The Nation.Its a very enjoyable show, although very sad.)

06-26-77 The Last Live Session (Excellent Audience Recording) **BEST SOUND**/ Adios-The Final Performance (Very Good Audience Recording)/ The Last Farewell (Very Good Audience Recording)/ The Final Performance (2 CD) (Excellent Audience

Recording) (This is the complete show directly from the master tapes. It includes all 12 songs of the warm up acts, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps and the Sweet Inspirations. This is the complete live Elvis experience, not to mention it's the last show in the most complete and best quality form to date. Footage of this show can be seen on the vcd Elvis – The Last Concert and on Elvis -The Unauthorized Biography.)

06-26-77 E.S. The Final Farewell (Excellent Audience Recording)

08-16-97 Elvis The Concert (Excellent Audience Recording) (This video can be seen on the vcd Elvis The Concert)

02-01-99 Elvis The Concert World Tour (Berlin) (2 CD) (Very Good Audience Recording)

02-06-99 Elvis In Concert 99 (Forum, Copenhagen) (Very Good Audience Recording)

03-10-00 Never Been To Spain (Wembley Stadium) (Good Audience Recording)

03-13-00 Elvis The Concert (Birmingham, England) (2 CD) (Good Audience Recording)

01-27-01 Elvis The Concert (Portland, USA) (2 CD) (Excellent Audience Recording)

03-20-01 Elvis The Concert (2 CDs) (Paris, France) (Bad Audience Recording)

08-16-02 Elvis The Concert 25th Anniversary (Excellent Audience Recording) (This video can be seen on the vcd ELVIS THE CONCERT - 25th ANNIVERSARY - THE MEMPHIS PYRAMID CONCERT)

Elvis Lives - The 25th Anniversary Show (Soundboard)

10-08-03 Elvis The Concert (Phoenix, AZ) (2 CDs) (Very Good Audience Recording) (I attended this fantastic show. It's great to have it on disc now.)


** all shows not marked with quality ranging from poor sound quality audience recordings to good sound quality audience recordings. Almost every one of the Concert Years Volumes are in good quality for audience recordings.**